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Posted by marklafevers on April 14, 2010

At 8 pounds this “Brass Brick” rear bag rider puts the gun in “heavy” class. It holds an extremely stable sight picture for rapid fire shot strings. Cut specifically to fit the angle of the ears on this Bald Eagle bag, it removes quickly with allen wrenches to return to “light gun” configuration

A stainless stub shaft takes the place of the Eliseo tube rider, and the brass rider secures to the shaft with 5/6″ allen screws.


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Eliseo tube gun Quick-Attach Bipod by LaFevers

Posted by marklafevers on April 7, 2010

The two big issues I have had with bipods I have tried are the relatively tedious process required to attach them to the rifle, and the very poor traction of the rubber feet. Since the Eliseo stock comes with sturdy accessory rails, I designed a cam locking mount to fast attach this bipod to the rail with one folding lever motion.
The throat of the rail clamp is beveled to facilitate slamming it onto the rail quickly. The body of the bipod is milled from a single block of aluminum, and the stainless tube upper legs pivot on stainless hardware. Friction between the body and the rail mount is controlled with a podlok lever and nylon washers to provide the right resistance to cant, the main body pivoting on a 1/2″ aluminum shaft which is independently replaceable. The lower solid aluminum legs extend 4 1/2″ with no detents, being snubbed anywhere along their travel by pin pressure controlled by thumbwheels. The serrated aluminum feet are gimbal mounted to the legs with roll pins, providing terrain grabbing traction.
From a shooting mat I can shoulder into the bipod heavily without it shifting position. This fast-attach bipod with podlock weighs 28.4 OZ. In one competition where matches were split between shooting from the bipod and from a windage adjustable Bald Eagle front rest, the results on paper were indistinguishable from each other.

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Eliseo sorbothane buttpad

Posted by marklafevers on April 6, 2010

The Gary Eliseo RTS stock comes with a solid aluminum buttplate, meant to be used in competition while wearing a padded shooting jacket. To provide a comfortable recoil without wearing a jacket, I made an aluminum buttplate to accept the popular KICK-EEZ sorbothane recoil pad. At 12.2 OZ. it is markedly heavier than the stock 4.8 OZ buttplate, but also easier on the shoulder muscle if you can still make weight with it.

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Tube Gun Parts

Posted by marklafevers on April 4, 2010

Gary Eliseo’s tube gun stocks offer lots of possibilities for customizing and configuring for different games. Partially obscurred behind this SEB NEO front rest is one example, a hardwood front bag rider with relieved center channel. Because the grain on this particular stock piece was oriented to potentially fail along the mounting screw line, reinforcing dowels were run through laterally. Adding this type of flat bag rider allows the tube gun to play benchrest games very effectively, and compete on a par with full benchrest rigs if the shooter is up to it. This target picture shows my “almost there” effort in recent competition. Using a boring head and long boring bar allows wood metal or plastic to be precision cut to fit the tube, maximum length being determined by the quill travel on the mill, about 5″on mine. Trueing bearing surfaces on the mill creates perfect alignment which is needed for perfect tracking and shot string stability.

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Sabre Tooth Bag Rider

Posted by marklafevers on April 3, 2010

This front bag rider that I’m calling “Sabre Toothed” because of its fang look is fabricated from 6061 aluminum. The fangs are rough shaped on the lathe, cut loose and welded into the tube mounting block. The block is then shaped, drilled, recessed and mounted to a mandrel that clamps in my mill vise. This allows final trueing of the bearing surfaces, followed by careful sanding and polishing. This light front bag rider is 2 7/8″ wide x 4″ long and very stable, but because of the fairly narrow support runners can displace sand in some bags if it’s run too far forward. I’ve shot my best rapid fire string so far with this rider along with the “brass brick” rear rider, in heavy gun configuration, 5 shots 2.6″ horizontal at 600 yards.

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